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Useful Links:

Financial Management and Tax Information 

Federal Tax Forms and Questions 

State of Texas Information

Bill Priest Institute - Dallas Small Business Development

Selected client and other referral  links:

Abrite Company The leading producer of metal manufacturing and finishing chemicals. 

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu my "Big 8" (now "Final Four") alma mater this site has a full range of business information resources for current and prospective clients and former associates 

Jesuit Ursuline Business Network Association - an affinity networking site for parents and alumni of  Jesuit and Ursuline schools in  Dallas  

Notre Dame Club of Dallas - highly rated alumni club website

Park Cities Pet Sitter Best in D Magazine for caring for you pet in your absence 

Robert Finch Associates - specializing in small business financing and business sales brokerage

Scott Roofing and Siding Company - client providing commercial and residential roof, siding and window replacement

Tatum CFO Partners - a national organization of experienced financial executives available for term assignments

Southwest Funding Mortgage Company - client site of  one of Dallas' most active new and refinanced residential loan mortgage brokerages 

Tim Kunes - Foster Financial Group  - CPA and financial planner specializing in personal and small business benefits, compensation and financial planning 

Vari-lite International - originating as Showco, the company where I began my small business career is now an international leader in stage and studio production lighting.

Wybron Lighting Products - formed by a friend and associate from Showco days, this company makes the highest quality mechanical special effect and color changer products for stage lighting.

Personal Referrals and Interests

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St. Francis Anglican Church of Dallas Web Page

Thomas Jefferson Dallas Class of 1963 Reunion Web Page