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Typical Weekly or Biweekly Work Schedule


Each visit begins with a review and posting as necessary of cash disbursements, sales, receipts, receivables, payables, payrolls, and revision of cash flow projection analysis as necessary. In addition, tax calendar issues such as sales tax, payroll tax, income, property, franchise and other tax deposit and filing requirements are reviewed weekly, monthly and quarterly as appropriate.

The following weekly breakdown provides a typical schedule for coverage of other responsibilities of Financial Management Services.

Week #1 (The week including the first Friday of the month)

1. Review and initiate procedures for closing the books for the month with emphasis on Cash, Receivables and Payables.

2. Review end of the month and first of the month disbursements and transfers.

3. Review accounts receivable and payables aging analysis.

4. Prepare / revise cash flow projections based on expected cash receipts from receivables and expected expenditures for trade payables and other payables.

5. Prepare report on past due accounts receivable noting problems and action to be taken by person responsible.

Week #2

1. Review and/or prepare preliminary monthly financial statements. (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flows)

2. Profit & Loss analysis

3. Asset reconciliation and analysis

Week #3

1. Formal Presentation and Distribution of Financial statements for previous month.

2. Review and analyze operations, sales, administration, and personnel

Week #4

1. Review of assets, liabilities, obligations, options, and contingencies ( fixed assets, loan obligations, equipment and systems, special issues).

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